I woke up very early today. Past 3 am, my body wanted to get up and do something. I started with a good stretching that focused on my back, saw my sister online so I greeted her good morning–I’m pretty sure it’s already afternoon in Canada when I did that. Remembered that I still haven’t touched my free cheeze cake from Starbucks so I quickly grabbed a slice. I thought it was too early to start eating cold food so I prepared a hot plain oatmeal. It’s a good way to enjoy the cake, pairing it with a tasteless healthy meal.

I always felt that sleeping early and waking up early is more refreshing than staying and waking up late. I have tried this in rare occassions and I always noticed that I get more concentrated on the things that I want to do. Yet, this happen very infrequently. It’s a choice that I know is good and yet I remain adamant about it.

Everyday we are always provided with different choices in life. Sometimes we feign ourselves that we don’t have a choice eventhough we have tons. We choose something that we know isn’t good and yet we opt for it. We stick to our self-imposed belief of going against the norms eventhough it doesn’t apply to the situation–just a way to prove that we are different.

Standing infront of the train’s glass door, I noticed that the reflection of my shoes looks much different than what it really is. The glowing effect around the shoes made it look brand new and polished, but in fact, I haven’t waxed this for more than two weeks.

Oftentimes we are more concerned on how people perceives us. We preoccupy ourselves with our reflection that is sometimes a bleak representation of the real self.