Life at the rural is the kind of life that I want. It’s slow, it’s relaxed and it’s unwinding. I’m staying here for a week to attend my grandmother’s wake.

Every second of the day feels like a minute. Time doesn’t chase you to finish your chores. You wake up in the morning feeling the warm rays of the sun. Fresh air is everywhere and it encourages you to breathe in deeply as often as you like. The sounds of the birds chirping and the dogs barking are in tuned with the solace of the surroundings.

I managed to avoid watching the TV for a week and it’s refreshing not to be troubled with the events happening around the world.

The food that we eat are always paired with fresh vegetables. The vegetables here are different than those bought in the supermarket. They’re much tastier and crispier.

Little by little, I’ll be building my dream farmhouse in the province. It will be surrounded by vegetables and fruits. There will be poultries and piggery. There will be a fish pond and it will be open to those who wants to temporarily escape the worries of city life.