I’ve always been wanting to own an Android-operated device, but I always pick Apple when I’m about to buy one. This time I will definitely get the Nexus Pad 7″ from Asus. Here’s why:

1. Tegra 3 T30L quad-core processor running at 1.2GHz processor – in layman’s term, it’s really fast
2. 1280×800 display resolution – may not be as good as iPad’s but it’s HD resolution good for a 7-inch screen anyway
3. NFC support – I’ve always thought that Apple should have this feature in its iPad/iPhone
4. Front-facing camera – hey, it’s much better to do Google hangout when it’s your face that is on the screen and not the wall
5. Jelly bean – the latest Android OS (4.1)
6. The back design – I haven’t touched it but I think it will give me a perfect grip
7. $199USD – I only need to skip a number of lunches, dinners and movie nights and I’ll be able to afford one!

I know it only connects to a wi-fi, but that’s good enough for me, I can always share my iPhone’s connection.

For more information about the device please read here.

You can see its youtube video here

Are you considering to buy one too? 🙂