First of all, I’m not really sure if the right word is stewed. It’s basically raw peanuts (with shell) boiled with salt for 40 mins.

A few days ago, after boiling one pot of peanuts and eating almost half of it, I tried to experiment and mixed it with kangkong. The result was really delicious!

These are the steps and ingredients:
finely chopped garlic, but whole garlic will work as well
Kangkong leaves
vegetarian oyster sauce
oil – I used Canola and added a few drops of virgin Olive oil
chopped celery – do you know that celery has the ability to lower blood pressure? I didn’t until I read this.
chopped long red/green chili

1. Boil the peanuts, together with its shell, for 40 minutes.
2. Remove the shells of the peanuts.
3. Put 2-3 spoons of Canola oil in a Chinese wok.
4. Set the stove to high fire
5. Put the chopped garlic and chili.
6. Put the peanuts.
7. Put the oyster sauce.
8. Put the kangkong leaves.
9. Make sure that you don’t overcook the kangkong leaves. 20 seconds of medium to high fire is enough.
10. Add the Olive oil and serve.

You may sprinkle some chilli flakes on top.

The smell of the olive oil is very pleasing and inviting.

I now declare myself as a certified chef! 🙂