The on-going battle between tablet makers has always been aimed at unseating Apple’s iPad dominance in the competition. It used to be iOs VS Android but Microsoft seems to be changing the game with the introduction of its own tablet, the Surface.

It’s running Windows 8 OS, which seemed to be designed for tablet and smartphones. I’ve listed below the features that may highlight the tablet among its pears (or maybe not :)).
1. It is thin and is boasting a great battery (31.5 W-h / 42 W-h) juice, iPad has 42.5 watt-hours though.
2. Screen size is 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen Cleartype HD screen technology. I’ve heard this from Samsung’s Galaxy tab
3. A unique keyboard and trackpad that easily snaps to the tablet with a signle magnetic click. Kudos to the vibrant colors and the thin touch-sensitive keyboard, but isn’t the concept of keyboard connection already primed by ASUS EEE Pad Transformer Prime?
4. An angled 22-degree rear camera. This is cool, honestly!
5. A kickstand, stereo speakers and dual microphones. Ok.

For the complete specification of the device, you may download it here.

Though some of the features aren’t really new, I’d still love to receive one especially if it’s free! 🙂

Microsoft Surface’s official website.