I grew up almost without a father. He went to heaven when I was three so my memories of him were mostly hazy and by-products of old photos. I do know that he is good in arts and crafts–that’s why I always believe that I can draw, eventhough the pencil and paper don’t seem to agree! 🙂

During Father’s day, I don’t really feel some belonging. Excitement isn’t as high as mother’s day when I’d think of gifts and suprises that my siblings and I could give to my mom. The date doesn’t really mark in my memory; I normally remember it by reading some posts in facebook or hearing it in a church mass. But everytime this day comes, it always reminds me of how my mom did not only try to keep being the light in the family, she also built the wall and the cornerstones that my family has always relied on.

Happy Father’s Day Mom! 🙂