This is an overdue post. I wanted to blog this hotel because of the irony of the name and the size of the room. I am not so sure if this really is a three-star hotel, but based on the signboard in front, it seems to be one. It’s only a two-storey hotel, quite similar to Raffle’s Hotel in Singapore (although I haven’t been inside any of the rooms of Raffle’s).

From the outside, it looks more like a mansion house. There are two buildings that aren’t connected. There’s a pond (or maybe used to be a fountain) and a very large and old tree at the entrance of the first building.

The lobby has nothing unusual: a chandelier, a small reception area, and a cafe and restaurant at the adjacent area. The corridor is carpeted with red. The lights are yellowish.

When I entered my room, I was surprised with the size. It has a living room, a dining room, a bedroom and a big comfort room. In the living room are two small sofas, one big sofa and a center table. The living room and the bedroom is separated by a glass wall and a wooden door.

The bedroom is king-sized and has a small TV.

Connected to the living room is the dining room with a round dining and four chairs. There is a cabinet in the dining room that is filled with artifact. What delighted me more is that there’s a stationary bike right beside the dining table. It gave me convenience to do my workout without having to go the gym. Inside


The bathroom is connected to the bedroom and it has a shower cubicle and a jacuzzi! I thought that the jacuzzi was only for display, but when I filled it with water, it actually works! I spent almost an hour there, relaxing and having a bubble massage.

By the way, the name of the hotel is Khach San Tan Son Nhat. It is near Big C shopping mall. I think around 15 minutes walk, so it’s very easy to grab some midnight snacks when you’re feeling hungry like me. 🙂